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There are a lot of things on your plate that you may be hesitant to delegate and having their homes cleaned seems to be one that a lot of people tend to dismiss as something only the rich and famous do. We are here to clarify that misconception and share a few ways that hiring a regular house cleaner can improve you, and your bank account!


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Cleaning is a skill that is learned over time. You can see this when you look at your kids' rooms. Kids have to be taught how to clean. Still, if you don't clean on a regular basis, odds are, you're "clean" is not up to par with a professional cleaning service.

Blue and Green Cleaning Corp offers the best house cleaning services in Boston. Our skilled cleaning...

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No one likes to be sick. Not only do you feel terrible, but it ruins your days, and sometimes it can ruin plans and vacations, too. While being sick is a universal condition, there are ways to protect yourself from catching the flu — one of which is keeping your home clean.

Blue and Green Cleaning Corp offers exceptional home cleaning services, including...


Welcome to the first of many blog posts here at Blue and Green Cleaning Corp, the top Boston cleaning company around! In today’s inaugural blog, we want to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves as professional house cleaners. We’ll highlight our cleaning services, underscore what sets us apart as a cleaning company, and provide one or two reviews for the cherry on top.

That being said, if you have been looking for a residential...