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How to Clean Your Home to Protect Against the Flu

No one likes to be sick. Not only do you feel terrible, but it ruins your days, and sometimes it can ruin plans and vacations, too. While being sick is a universal condition, there are ways to protect yourself from catching the flu — one of which is keeping your home clean.

Blue and Green Cleaning Corp offers exceptional home cleaning services, including commercial and office cleaning, deep cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, and pet and plant care. Our team undergoes continual training to ensure you have the best cleaning service possible. We work efficiently and expeditiously in order to complete your residential or commercial cleaning service on time. Plus, we'll work around your schedule to not inconvenience you. Below, we'll go over some tips on how to clean your home in order to ward off the cold and flu. Contact our Boston cleaning company today!


Clean Germ Hot Spots

Everything you touch you can both transfer what is on your hand, and you can pick up whatever is on the object. That being said, the items in your home that you touch frequently are germ hot spots that should be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. Some of these items include the sink, phone, toys, doorknobs, the remote control, keyboards, the refrigerator handle, and countertops. It's super important to make it a habit to disinfect and clean these areas at least on a daily basis during the cold and flu season in order to decrease your chance of catching something.

Use the Proper Cleaning Products

When you are looking to kill bacteria and viruses, which can live up to 48 hours on hard surfaces, you want cleaning products that are going to get the job done. While regular soap is better than nothing, when you invest in cleaning products that are specifically designed to disinfect, you can kill up to 99.99% of the germs on the items you clean. Blue and Green Cleaning recommends that you read all of the labels of the cleaning products you invest in so you can gauge their effectiveness against bacteria and viruses. Look for the words "disinfect" or "sanitize," which means that the EPA has tested and approved its ability to kill germs.

Focus on the Most Used Rooms

The most used rooms in your home by the entire household are the bathrooms and the kitchen. After all, you will visit the kitchen at a minimum of three times a day to prepare food, and more if you are grabbing water to drink or a snack. The same holds true with the bathroom. Plus, you use the bathroom to shower, to brush your teeth, to wash your hands, and more. When cleaning to ward off cold and flu germs, spend more time in these germ hotbeds than anywhere else. You may want to even wipe faucets and toilet handles repeatedly in order to ensure you get all of the germs. Don't forget your home office as well. They can harbor germs, too, so be sure to clean your keyboard and other surfaces you touch frequently.

Learn to Love the Rubber Glove

Many people resist using a rubber glove because of its smell, feel, or how it hampers your grip. However, the rubber glove can help protect you from germs and viruses while you are cleaning. You'll be less likely to pick up any germs on these germ surfaces since you'll have a layer of protection. In addition, when you are wearing rubber gloves while you are scrubbing the kitchen countertop, for example, you will be less likely to touch your face, eyes, or mouth, and thereby transfer germs from these surfaces to yourself.


We can't do anything about the existence of germs, viruses, and bacteria; they will always be present. However, we can take steps in order to ensure we minimize our exposure to these bad guys so we ourselves stay well.

The absolute best activity you can do to protect yourself against the cold and flu season is invest in a clean environment — your house and your office. By ensuring the area around you is clean, you will go a long way in protecting your health.

Blue and Green Cleaning Corp is a professional cleaning service serving the greater Boston area. We offer both residential and commercial cleaning and disinfecting services in order to help protect your health. Our cleaning specialists can customize your cleaning service to meet your needs. This is one reason we offer free estimates, so we can learn your needs and give you a fair price. If you are interested in a commercial, office, or residential cleaning service, call our Boston-based cleaning company today!