Cleaning for Party Prep

As we draw ever closer to the holidays, many people are preparing to entertain family and friends with gatherings, dinners, and even parties! At Blue and Green Cleaning Corp, we’re here to help all of our customers prepare for holiday parties with tips and tricks for easy cleaning in between your deep cleaning house services. Keep reading to find four party prep tasks that are quick and easy to complete before your next event!

man wiping off counters

Wipe Down Counters and Tables

One of the most important parts of hosting a party is presenting food, snacks, or drinks for your guests to enjoy. That means having a clean and clear space for presentation is key! Don’t worry about going overboard, though — a simple multipurpose cleaning spray will do! Spray down counters or table surfaces and wipe them off with a washcloth or paper towel and you’re done.

someone vacuuming a white area rug

Vacuum or Sweep Entertainment Spaces

Another quick and easy way to present a clean and beautiful space without a lot of work is to vacuum or sweep just the spaces where your guests will congregate. Leave out bedrooms or bathrooms that won’t see use during your party so you can save time and effort, and if you have an automatic vacuum robot, this can be used to help you save time, too!

clean entryway

Tidy Up Entryways

Making a good impression when your guests enter your home can set the tone for an enjoyable and memorable party. Leave the deep cleaning for your entryway to the Blue and Green Cleaning team, though! Quickly tidy your entryway by putting shoes, coats, and other items in a coat closet or organizing them into baskets and bins.

man taking out the trash

Take Out the Trash

Parties usually create waste, from paper serving plates to single-use cups and even paper napkins, and all of that means more trash for you to deal with. Make your life easier by taking out your trash before the party starts so you have more space for your guests to toss their waste and can cut down on trips to the dumpster during or after your party.

Once your party is over, let us take care of your house deep clean! Blue and Green Cleaning Corp is here to make your life easier with high-quality deep clean house services and so much more. Talk to a cleaning specialist today to get started!

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