Professional Cleaning Done Right: Welcome To Blue And Green Cleaning Corp

Welcome to the first of many blog posts here at Blue and Green Cleaning Corp, the top Boston cleaning company around! In today’s inaugural blog, we want to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves as professional house cleaners. We’ll highlight our cleaning services, underscore what sets us apart as a cleaning company, and provide one or two reviews for the cherry on top.

That being said, if you have been looking for a residential and commercial cleaning company that’s worth their salt, keep reading! We’d love the chance to describe what makes us a great candidate for your home or business’ next professional cleaning!

Boston Cleaning Services

Let’s start off with a bang: you can get 35 percent off on your first cleaning service appointment at Blue and Green Cleaning Corp. At $50 per person per hour, we offer affordable cleaning services (in case you’ve been looking into cleaning service prices in Boston or something similar). Below, we’ll highlight each of our cleaning services so you have a better understanding of what to expect when we come to your home or office.

Deep Cleaning

We think it’s fair to say that the quick tidy-up isn’t always enough to get the job done. Likewise, who has time to do a “spring cleaning” level of clean-up more than a handful of times a year, let alone one time? But the fact of the matter is that heavy-duty cleanings should be regular occurrences if you want to live in a fresh home or work in a respectable office.

For our part at our Boston cleaning company, we will get the nooks and crannies taken care of, leaving no stone unturned in our cleaning process. From behind the fridge to scrubbing the tiles and grout in your bathroom, you can count on us to pay attention to the details other house cleaners might avoid.

Move In & Move Out Cleaning

We all know that moving is a stressful experience at the best of times. We can’t make all the stress disappear, but we can take away two things off your plate — worrying about the cleanliness of both your current and future residence. We often have customers ask for both move in and move out cleaning services in the Boston region.

To the latter point, it helps ensure the place will be spotless, so you have the best chance to recoup your security deposit from the landlord (assuming you are renting).

Conversely, it can be a bit strange, trying to make yourself at home in what was very recently someone else’s abode. How well did they clean the bathtub? Were they in a rush when they disinfected the toilet and cupboards? It’s certainly possible. Give yourself the peace of mind that comes from knowing we’ve got you covered with top-to-bottom move in cleaning services.

Plant & Pet Care

We happily provide pet and plant care for folks who are out of town or could use a hand around the house. We are experienced in watering plants and caring for a range of pets while you are gone. And while most plants don’t require constant care, you don’t want to return to a home full of dead plants. Likewise, some pets only need to be fed while you are away, and we are happy to provide this service to our greater Boston service area.

Specialty Cleaning

For specialty/custom cleaning projects, we’ve got you covered. We can handle pretty much any cleaning assignment you throw our way, so don’t hesitate to ask! We offer the following services, among others:

  • Dust
  • Eliminate cobwebs
  • Organization
  • Vacuum
  • Mop
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Clean kitchen
  • Change bed liner
  • And more!

What Sets Us Apart

Blue and Green Cleaning Corp was founded by our president and CEO, Ludmilla Xavier, with the mission of professional excellence in everything that we do. Whether we are caring for pets and plants while you are out of town or preparing your home to be spotless for an important dinner party, we’ve got the experience and passion you are looking for. In fact, Ludmilla alone boasts over 15 years of experience in the cleaning industry!

But beyond experience alone, we strive to make a difference with our customers and clients by doing excellent with the little things. We make a point to be as communicative as possible. We work with efficiency and thoroughness. Our goal is not to make a quick buck with a one-off cleaning, but to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients where both parties are happy for years to come.

The Blue and Green Difference

One other way we set ourselves apart from other Boston cleaning companies has to do with the apparel of our professional cleaners. Our employees wear different colored shirts depending on what the job at hand requires. For instance, our employees donned in blue are there for a standard cleaning. If you see our staff in green, they are there for a deep or specialty cleaning appointment of some kind. It’s our little way of showing we are flexible and intentional about what we offer here at Blue and Green Cleaning Corp!

What Our Customers Say

Before we say goodbye for this opening blog, we’d like to showcase two of our favorite reviews we’ve recently received. Both coming from Facebook, both Elizabeth and Valentim Plumbing were straight to the point with their words. We love being described as honest, professional, and amazing!

Great cleaning, honest, professional!” - Elizabeth C., Facebook Recommendation

Amazing cleaning I recommend” Valentim Plumbing, Facebook Recommendation

At the end of the day, it’s about trust. You can trust us in your home or office. You can trust us to show up on time. You can trust us to pay attention to the details to make sure your area is spotless. We trust that these recommendations help convince you to give us a chance.

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