Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

As the winter begins to wind down and people begin to get ready for the coming warm weather, spring cleaning tends to be on a lot of people’s minds! Whether you’re getting ready for a busy summer with kids around the house more often or you’re simply taking the time to implement a home reset, spring cleaning is a great way to welcome in the warm weather! Here are some spring cleaning tips and tricks from Blue and Green Cleaning.

woman staring at closet overflowing with clothes


Over the winter, it can be easy to start collecting things you don’t necessarily want or need inside the house. Whether it’s gifts from the holidays or items that simply don’t have a set space in your home, clutter is easy to accumulate, especially in the winter months. Decluttering is a great way to kickstart your spring cleaning! Start with non-seasonal items that you haven’t used throughout the winter, such as clothing, craft and office supplies, boxes, and knick-knacks.

organized baskets and totes on a metal shelving unit


If you don’t have a lot of clutter lying around, but your home still feels messy, you may need to reorganize, instead! Finding a ‘home’ for every item in your house is a great way to prevent clutter, so start off with deciding which items need to stay in which rooms. From there, getting bins, drawers, and baskets will help to keep everything organized without too much effort!

woman dusting pendant lights in the bathroom


Of course, spring cleaning means that you should also clean your home! Whether you have uncovered some new surfaces from your decluttering and reorganizing, or you’re getting rid of boot tracks throughout your home from the cold and the snow, wiping down everything and getting rid of dust and grime will help your home feel refreshed!

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